Kral develops, manufactures and sells triple-screw pumps for lubricating non-abrasive/aggressive fluids through a worldwide network of representatives. Kral was founded 1950 and has been a part of Kemostål’s product range since the late 1970’s. Kral today have approx. 245 employees (2010) and are one of the largest manufacturers in the world of this type of pumps, with an annual turnover of € 32 million (2009).

Kral are successive in the marine industry for pumping of fuel-oils. Another area is burners, e.g. steam and energy production. They are also present in the PUR-business and cutting oils for the mechanical manufacturing industry.

The pumps are available in special leak proof models with magnetic coupling, and also in double-stations with the possibility to shift between stations during running, to ensure no downtime.

Kral screw pumps works with the positive displacement technique. Some of the advantages are low noise, high efficiency, compact, low maintenance and long lifetime.

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