Cytec MVR-plant

The two-stage Kemopac unit is equipped with blower models PD Plus 1236 and 1224 which compresses 3000 kgs/h (6600 lbs/h) from 0,6 to 2,4 bara (8,7 to 34,8 psia).

The system is used for recompression of water vapours in the client’s factory that mainly produces paint components. It was purchased with the goal to create cost savings enabling an investment payback time of approx. 2,5 years.

Our AFC lube oil cleaning system is used with the system where the base frame also serves as oil reservoir for both blower stages. The filter system effectively prolongs the time between both expected and unexpected stops and normal service intervals by lubricating the rotating parts such as bearings, gears and seals with a very high degree of oil cleanliness. It removes all unwanted particles down to below 0,1 micron as well as both free and emulsified water contamination.

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