Perstorp Oxo Hydrogen Blower

The blower handles Hydrogen in a closed loop system in a chemical process plant not far from Gothenburg in Sweden. The hydrogen is used for production of liquid butyl alcohol which places high demands on keeping lubrication oil and the process gas apart.

The system consists of one Kemopac single stage rotary lobe blower package with blower model PD Plus 1230 and 232 kW motor which compresses a hydrogen gas mixture of 19000 N3m/h (11200 cfm) from 3,0 to 3,4 bara (43,5 to 49,3 psia). Inlet / outlet temp.45 / 65 C (113 / 149 F).

A special sealing system, designed by Kemostål, with a combination of piston ring seals and labyrinth seals together with a purge gas system is used to protect the lubrication oil from bi-products in the Hydrogen.

To meet and exceed a continuous operating time of 30000 hours the blower is also equipped with Kemostal’s special AFC filter system and a specially designed lube oil tank to be able to change portions of the oil quantity during operation.

In order to suppress the process pulsations, Kemostal designed a half-tone pitched pulsation damper consisting of three volume pipes of different length. According to our input, this solution has not been seen in this type of application ever before.

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