O2-blower for China

For use in a glass process application Kemostål supplied one blower skid to China. The delivery to end client was carried out through a gas process plant engineering company in Germany.

The system consists of one Kemopac single stage rotary lobe blower package with blower model PD Plus 7017 and 110 kW motor which compresses a gas mixture of 3300 N3m/h (1940 cfm) oxygen, nitrogen and argon from 1,3 to 2,1 bara (19 to 31 psia). Inlet / outlet temp.40 / 120 C (104 / 248 F).

The lubrication is handled with a special PFPE synthetic lubricant and with Kemostål’s special lubrication filter system. This filter system enables our clients to run the boosters continuously for more than 30 000 hours.

O2 Blower for Glass Plant in China