May 26 - Kemostål won order for replacement unit and service

Kemostål Process Technology have been able to secure the order for a replacement blower to SCA’s Pulp and Paper mill at Munksund, Sweden.

Kemostål will deliver a replacement unit to the factory’s unit for pneumatic transportation of wood ships. The unit is a HR-72 delivered by HR-Blowers in United Kingdom and is the second biggest unit in their product line of blowers - and one of the biggest blower delivered by Kemostål in the company’s history.

The supplied unit will be operating at 780 rpm and deliver about 24000 m3/h of air. There is however a great margin to increase the performance since the unit is capable of handling a maximum flow of 30000 m3/h with a differential pressure of 840 mbar and a rotating speed of 930 rpm.

Further to the above mentioned replacement unit we can also confirm a secured service agreement for this and other HR blower units in the factory. The first service intervention is planned in Kemostål’s service facility in Gothenburg, Sweden, during the summer period 2015.

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