Nov 14 - Strong October Orders in Spain

Contrary to the current business trend in Spanish market for oxygen production, Kemostål secures contracts for new building of gas compressor skids, spare parts and on-site service to a value of 500 k€ for delivery during the next six months.

Our President Mr Lars Klingström:

“We are very pleased to announce that we have secured contracts with successful companies within the oxygen industry contrary to the current business trend in Spain. Kemostål has had a presence in Sothern Europe for many years and we have now reinforced our position on the global market and confirmed the business growth by the positive development of these new contracts in Spain. It seems that 2011 opened as a weak to normal year in turnover for Kemostål and ending very strong, and this is a good indication for the development in oxygen business and industry in general for 2012.”

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