Jul 08 - P/O Awarded by Envirosystems

Scandinavian Envirosystems (SES) have awarded Kemostal the contract to deliver two single stage lobe blower packages for their first full scale pilot plant to be built in Åsensbruk, Sweden.

SES’ initial pilot tests, that included the use of one Kemopac 5507 for pressurization of pyrolysis gas, have been successful and they are now continuing their path of technical development which has been ongoing since the beginning of the millennium.

Their new patented CFC process (Carbonize by Forced Convection) enables a fast, efficient and environmental friendly technology for the recycling of tires. The technology produces oil, gas, steel and Carbon Black with very high quality and market value.

To increase capacity in this plant upgrade, Kemostal have been ordered to supply one more blower skid package model Kemopac 5511 to complement our previous machine and added one Kemopac 5518 for another part of their process. The systems are planned to be delivered in November and the plant to be completed in beginning of 2012. 

[pictures published with courtesy of Scandinavian Envirosystems]