Two stage blower skid package Final packing Our order for one complete two stage oxygen PVSA Kemopac unit was delivered from our works on Friday April 15. The goods have arrived by truck to end destination near Deggendorf in Germany where it will be installed for use at a glass manufacturing plant.

The P/O from our client Mahler AGS was received in 2010 and the system is to be used  in a full PVSA air separation plant supplied by them to the end client and operator GETEC Industriegase. The rotary lobe type blower package is designed to meet the plant's initial operation data, and also prepared to be able to handle a possible future increase in both pressure and flow.

Pipe system is in stainless steel whereas other components like silencers and water coolers are in standard material. The system is equipped with an intercooler between the blower stages and an aftercooler to allow full flow recirculation adjustment through a by-pass pipe with flow control valve.