Mar 21 - VRU's delivered for Russia

Two 100% hydrocarbon vapour recovery units have been assembled, packed and shipped to end user in Russia for use during a railroad tank off-loading system.

The P/O was received from our client in late October 2010 which is an engineering company from central Europe that operate mostly in Russia and its prior federation states. The scope includes our blowers in gastight model, size 7017 with direct drive electric motor. Frequency converter is supplied by client or end user themselves enabling them to control flow from 1700 up to 3400 Nm3/h [1000-2000 cfm].

Also included from Kemostal are inlet/outlet silencers, elevated machine table and other accessories as well as panel mount acoustic hoods, incl. electric heaters, for increased noise attenuation and weather protection.

The complete systems are in full ATEX compliance.