Visions and business description

“Process technology delivered with world class know-how & commitment”

Business concept
Kemostål delivers customized process technology and service through strong commitment, competence, industrial experience and carefully selected partners.

Core Values
One of our core values is flexibility which is vital for our organization since we are a medium-sized company and always put our customer first. This capacity establishes a large creativity and new solutions are continuously implemented in the company.

Through the years we have gained great experience within our product areas. We compete with other companies with high quality and custom made solutions. We only deliver our products once they fulfill our high quality standards.

An important factor is to be able to reach the other core values of our company is to treat our customers, suppliers and employees with a high degree of respect.

Well-being among our employees is a key factor for success, which is why we always strive for a good working climate at Kemostål. That is created through a common vision and a successful cooperation internally and externally. The most important thing for well-being and motivated personnel at Kemostål is to always have fun and to turn problems into possibilities.

Business description
Kemostål Process Technology AB is fully owned by Kemostål Holding AB which is owned by four people who are active in the company. Lars Klingström is Managing Director of the company and also the major owner. The other owners are Patrik Johansson, Göran Eriksson and Thorsten Klingström. The company was founded in the beginning of 1990 and has extended its business a lot since then.

Kemostål has three large business areas; Kemopac, Agencies and Service & Spare Parts, which you can find more information about at products.